CEM Construct

The construction industry is constantly and rapidly evolving. An adept construction management strategy is the key to the successful completion of a construction project. CEM Construct for Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the tools needed to overcome the challenges posed by a construction project with immaculate precision.

CEM Construct provides unrivaled functionalities for contractors, sub-contractors and project managers. This add-on seamlessly integrates all activity data and provides impromptu reports. The flexible interface matches the nature of project based businesses.

CEM Construct adds functionality to Finance, Accounting, Project Management, Inventory Control and Sub-Contracts for effortlessly monitoring of an overall project. Make your construction project management a breeze with the CEM Construct for Microsoft Dynamics AX software!

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Manage project efficiency
  • Complete control of project finances
  • Subcontractor tracking and management
  • Better control over procurement
  • Scalability of operations
  • Better equipment utilization
  • Reduced inventory levels

Advanced Project Management

Projects can be complex and time consuming to manage. With multiple locations, various workers, and innumerable materials it can be quite the task to ensure everything moves smoothly. With the advanced project management tools let the system handle the logistics and make the most of your projects.

  • Manage project demographics by creating locations and project clusters
  • Complete scope management and change management for cost tracking and billing
  • Project segmentation by tracking the completion stages and control accounts
  • Quality management with the use of productivity codes for man-power and equipment usage
  • Secured access for project information and relevant transactions on a need-to-know basis
  • Extensive reporting such as budget Vs. actuals, consumption by various project dimensions, estimate at complete etc.

Advanced Inventory Management

Large projects have many different tradesmen working together. This large variety of trade leads to a large variety of tools and resources. Manage these resources with the advance inventory tools. Insure that across all your projects materials are being used to their fullest.

  • Categorization and sorting of inventory
  • Item Creation Wizard
  • Budgeting by various levels of item hierarchy
  • Returnable Items Management – Issue and return with projects, vendors and clients
  • Surplus Declaration
  • Transit Items Management


In large industrial jobs there is a lot of cement to lay. Ensure that you never need to pause your project due to insufficient resources with the Concrete management tool.

  • Maintain quality thresholds for part truck load and pumping charges
  • Maintain optional items along with main concrete items
  • Summarized and detailed reporting on concrete purchases for invoice certification
  • Maintain trade agreements for different items with various vendors along with effective dates

Subcontract Management

The project industry has a very fluid workforce which ebbs and flows. When you need to increase your staff fast or bring in specialized workers subcontracting might be the way you go. With the Subcontract management tools, you can ensure that 3rd party contractors are utilized to their full extent.

  • Track and manage subcontract related documents such as performance bond, warrantees etc.
  • Track expense for food and accommodation related to subcontracts
  • Manage subcontract scope, scope break down, payment milestones and change orders
  • Track advances and retentions
  • Track invoicing against scope and scope details

Scaffolding/Tools Management

Every project has a variety of tools necessary to complete the job. With Tools management, you can insure that each project gets the correct tools and most out of them. Never be without the required materials again!

  • Manage purchasing and renting of scaffolding/tools
  • Manage trade agreements for purchase and rental of tools
  • Track and improve the utilization of internal materials
  • Mange scrap and lost materials
  • Flexible and controlled receipt management
  • Track vendor invoices with increased control and reconciliation features
  • Analyze the tool logistics from the list of requested items to invoiced items

Plant, Machinery, Vehicle (PVM) Management

Large projects come with large assets. Mange these asset down to the last detail with the PVM management tools. From renting a vehicle all the way to tracking the fuel it consumes, PVM does it all.

  • Regular alerts for equipment related documents like registration, license, security pass, warranty period expiration, etc.
  • Equipment rental renewal alerts with history logs
  • Manage Equipment Purchase & Rental
  • Maintain and track equipment using a detailed log sheet
  • Trade agreements for both internal & external assets
  • Integration of PMV with fixed assets module
  • Manage mobilization and demobilization costs of equipment rentals
  • Track fuel consumption
  • Equipment transfer history